Happy Father's Day!


Four Generations of The Bonds

Hi Everyone!

It has been a fun-filled Father’s Day!

When it comes to holidays, I really have not been one to be waited on, but to give to others. That is exactly what I did today! I had gotten up early to do some more grocery shopping. My two Sons, Mom and Step-Father, Daughter-in-law and my new Grand-Daughter, Trinity Jewel all came over for lunch!

Trinity Jewel 1st Father's Day
Trinity Jewel 1st Father’s Day

I kept it simple today. I went out and bought two cook-ready rotisserie whole chickens and brought them home to cut up for Fajitas. Using Feiny’s Cheasapeake Bay Rub, Garlic powder, black course pepper, and Chipolte & Lime sauce. There was enough chicken to feed more than just us six of us!

Served with sides of sour cream, fresh cut jalapeno’s, Morita salsa and Monterrey Jack cheese with a choice of flour or corn tortillas from the local bakery.

At times you do not have to get fancy! My boys told me it was some of the best fajitas to date and that is all that matters to me, is what they think!

I hope all you Dad’s and Grandfather’s had a wonderful day, today. I sure did!

…and I was still stuck with the dishes! Oh well, a small price to pay for making a never-ending Father’s Day memory!

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  1. Happy Father’s Day and I am so glad I was able to be apart of your dinner 🙂

    1. dbond911 says:

      Thank you for putting together such wonderful seasonings! m/ m/

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