About Donald Bond

Donald Bond, AuthorWhen it comes to passions, one never really knows what lies within our core.

I am a photographer and creative designer by trade. Besides that, during the day I also buy and sell Rolex watches and other fine timepieces for a large jewelry store in Houston, Texas.

My other passion, where I find the most joy … is cooking.

About the only thing I would do when it came to cooking was go outside and fire up the grill, in hopes that I wouldn’t burn anything.

Many who have come to know me more as a home chef than a photographer, have asked me countless times how I got myself into cooking. Well let me tell you!

When I was living in California years ago, the common routine was to come home after work, jump back into the car and go to dinner. Every. Single. Night. This got to be a $500-$700 weekly expense. You read that right. At the time, that was four mouths to feed. Well, as time wore on I was tired of spending money and well gaining weight. I was always the first one home. So I’d get the table set real quick, open the pantry and started with pastas. Easy to do that’s for sure. As everyone got home, the first reaction was … “What are you doing?”… or “We’re not going out to eat?”

No we are not going out to eat. ‘Once was a luxury has now turned into a necessity.’ A friend of mine back in Texas taught me that line. I wanted to get back to the basics. Sit down with the family and have dinner like I did when I was growing up. We can save the going out to eat on the weekends, but it doesn’t have to be every weekend. We can step outside in the backyard and fire up the grill by the pool.

As you will find, I have an article; “Family: It’s What a Kitchen was Built For.” This is what I am talking about. Bringing the family together for conversation without having to yell over the next table at a restaurant. Maybe get the kids involved in the kitchen too … and of course, to save money!

It wasn’t about getting fancy at dinner time. It was to stay home after a long day and enjoy each other.

For personal reasons,  I left California and moved back to Texas to be closer to my own children. I still worked in California by flying back and forth, but I kept up the principles of cooking and family. Till this day, I rarely go out to eat unless I’m on a date or treating my now two teenage sons who have become self-sufficient in the kitchen themselves. We now trade recipes and discuss the art of cooking.

I decided back in 2009, to bring what I’ve learned to the internet with Tip of the Fork. It’s where I keep my sanity. I enjoy writing in my own words, in my own way. To share the art of cooking doesn’t have to be a science or expensive … or even an all-day affair.

I’m not through learning. Cooking is a never-ending quest. From comfort food to the health-conscious. For those who really want to read an interesting story…“Confession’s of a Sugar Junkie”. Yes that was me at one time.

So I ask you to join me on my journey. Lets explore food, wine and our favorite places to eat. Most of all, lets do it with family in mind. Along the way, I’m sure we’ll meet in person. As I already have met many chef’s because of my blog and formed new everlasting friendships in the process.

See you in ‘my’ kitchen.

God Bless,