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Intensity Academy Hot Sauces

For those who know me, if it isn’t hot & spicy enough…it’s got to be hotter and spicier. I love bold flavors when it comes to my meal. I treat red crushed pepper flakes like kids want more Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Today I bring you four products from Intensity Academy. My friends, it’s time to graduate to saucy goodness! My friend Michele Northrup founder of Intensity Academy has taught me more ways to get it Hot!

The first hot sauce I was introduced to was their Carrot Karma Hot Sauce. When we think of hot sauce, carrots is really not in our vocabulary, but at the Academy, Michele has taught us something new. Blended along with one of my favorite heat’s the habanero pepper with a touch of lime. I am a big fan of cooking with lime and here it is already blended in a mild hot sauce for those who are wimps when it comes to getting it hot! When you order from them, you have to include the Carrot Karma in your basket of goodies. Use it like you would you other hot sauces taking up room in your pantry or cook with it…like I do!

I have not ever been a big fan of teriyaki so when Michele gave me a bottle of the Chai Thai Teriyaki I couldn’t say no. Using an organic Chai Tea along with a nice blend of Tamari soy and Thai peppers with…wait for it…honey. Just enough sweetness to give you a smooth teriyaki hot sauce you’ll not soon forget! A perfect hit to give your California fish tacos new life or beef tenderloin skewers out on the grille.

When it comes to garlic…having enough garlic…well is never enough for me. For those who love a bold flavor of garlic goodness,  you have to try my recommendation of their Garlic Goodness Hot sauce (no pun intended 🙂 ). Imagine 100lbs of fresh garlic in a 50 gallon batch! Oh and lets not forget a pepper blend of not one, not two but four different kind of peppers! I love this stuff on a morning omelet and grilled Gulf Coast shrimp. Garlic is great in lowering blood pressure! I should know, I barely register a pulse!

One of my favorite flavorful peppers is the chipotle pepper. I even use it in my pasta sauces. Intensity Academy will move you up to the next grade with their Chai Chipotle Hot Sauce. Here we hit the sauce with chiptole, habeneros and organic chai tea for those who need a just a medium sauce with a full flavor. Use this sauce on everything!

Now for those fans who love it Hot…or shall I say Hottest! You will have to graduate to the top of the class in order to handle this habanero hot sauce….Hot Cubed Hot Sauce. The hottest in their line. Try adding this to a BBQ sauce and use as wet rub on those ribs that need extra life!

Just don’t take my word for it, well yes take my word for it. You cannot go wrong with these four (five) hot sauces to spice up a quick taco or blend it in with your other sauces  or rubs to give that enhancing flavor your food is lacking. I love this stuff!

I have to thank Michele for finding me on Twitter. Not only did we meet on Twitter, we have met in person. Her personality is as flavorful as her sauces! As Michele would say…”Get Sauced!”

You see … Twitter does bring the best together!

If you are in the Houston area and want to meet Michele along with the rest of the Intensity Academy Crew, attend the 12th Annual Houston Hot Sauce Festival on September 15 & 16, 2012 at the Stafford Centre for Performing Arts. For more info, click Houston Hot Sauce Festival. Oh and they will have a hot sauce lollipop contest! Watch the video if you dare…


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  1. Great right up! Looking forward to stocking up on my favorite Chai Tai Teryaki at the Festival.

    Houston Hot Sauce Festival

  2. oops i spelled write wrong… lol

  3. dbond911 says:

    Thank you! I look forward to rubbing elbow’s and getting ‘Hot’ in September at the Hot Sauce Festival in Houston!

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