Bacon Shrimp Omelet: Sunday Breakfast


I laugh when I see a drive-thru full of cars on a Sunday morning. It just kills me, that people think they are too busy to prepare breakfast for their family. Either they think they are that darn busy or just lazy, haven’t figured out which one yet. I don’t want to hear the excuse…talk to the hand! Mine has a spatula in it!

When it comes to a Sunday morning, why rush it? This past Sunday the sky was crystal blue, a light wind blowing and the temp around 65. SLOW DOWN AMERICA!…it’s time to enjoy your family at breakfast!

This particular morning it was a omelet time! There is no science to making a perfect omelet, but I’ve been told I have the magic. So with that, I will share my magic.

I heat my 10″ skillet to a medium-low heat about a 4 on an electric stove. I use a glass cooktop so cooking with gas is foreign to me. I’m stil waiting for Paula Deen to invite me and give me a private lesson on how to use one. While my skillet is heating up, I take two large eggs and crack them into a bowl…less shells. I add fresh cracked black pepper, mesquite seasoning (from Costco under the Kirklands brand), garlic powder, orgeno and whip it up! I spray my pan with a non-fat butter spray. Let it turn brown and pour your egg batter into the skillet.

Now before I actually pour my egg batter, I’ve got another small 8″ skillet at a 5-6 (Medium) setting on my electric stove top for the shrimp. To prepare for three omelets, I cut up 9 medium to large size shrimp. Pour some olive oil in the skillet, place your shrimp in the pan and add some hot salsa, Worcestershire sauce, red crushed pepper, fresh cut garlic and toss them around. It’s only going to take 2 to 3 minutes to cook them. By this time, I’ve poured my first omelet into the other skillet.

When the top of you egg stops doing the giggly dance, take a wide spatula and flip it over. Take a handful of Monterrey Jack cheese and spread across one side of the egg, add your fresh sauteed shrimp and don’t forget the bacon! This time, I used the quick microwave bacon, 6 slices and then cut it up after it cooked for about 30 seconds. Liberally add the bacon, a little more cheese and fold over. Add a bit more cheese to the top, sprinkle some basil or oregano on top and place a large pot lid so it will help melt the cheese faster. I will turn my burner down to a 3 at this point or after the first flip.

Serve and eat! Add a glass of Cranberry juice and hot cup of coffee…you’ve got the perfect omelet. Takes less time than sitting in the drive-thru and yelling at the kids. Sit at the table before church and enjoy your family before worship or a Sunday day out.

How do you start a Sunday? With the perfect omelet. 🙂


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  1. foodcreate says:

    Thank you !!! Love your blog people are just to worry about this and that Time is the most improtant thing you can give your child … Thank You 🙂 Happy Halloween !!!

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