Today was a Luxury


As I have said before, eating out should be a luxury. I know many do not have the luxury of working out of their home and preparing a nice lunch or dinner at the normal designated times…Noon and, oh say five or 6pm for dinner? Taking the family out to dinner should be a luxury. It breaks the normal day to day cycle and who doesn’t want to miss out on the “Where are we going to dinner?” or my favorite… “You pick”…”No, you pick”. Boy, everytime I play that game it costs me a $100 bucks.

I had some Daddy duties to take care of today, taking the kids to the dentist for a teething cleaning and check up…and shall I say no cavities this time around!

Then I had to head into Houston for a meeting with the appraisal district. Oh that was fun…but we aren’t here to talk about all that.

After a long busy day, I decided to take the night off from my cooking duties and take the kids to one of their favorite local places to eat when they visit Dad. Skeeters Mesquite Grill. It’s a great neighborhood eatery that is nestled in a small strip center amongst the trees and it’s very family oriented. We enjoy it because they do have great food, one of the few places I’ll actually order a hamburger.

The kids enjoy their favorite dishes, either a plain hamburger or the big chicken strips. A large portion of fries for a side and always ask for extra crispy fries! I like a good crunch! Tonight I had the Bleu Skeeter with bacon. Great tasting, not overly big in size. I’m not one for super sized meals. I won’t get into that but…uh, America…you’ve got a weight problem. :\

I’m sure you have your favorite little place in your neighborhood when you are not in the mood to cook. Sorry, but fast food doesn’t count…and fast food isn’t spoken in my house. The kids…I say kids, more like teenage sons know never to ask Dad to go through some drive-thru.

Ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

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