Chicken Jalapeno Omelet


Breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore! I said that twice didn’t I? Oh well, lets get down to some new food ideas.

Omelets have always been a favorite of mine, especially when staying at a hotel. Heading down for breakfast and have the chef make up vegetable omelet with maybe some ham or bacon thrown in. Very filling to say the least!

After a long day and not really in the mood to cook a big meal, but something quick and simple. I thought about having a quesadilla. Mmmm, love those, but I did not have any tortilla’s. Plus I’ve been trying to watch my weight so I thought why not use a couple of eggs in place of the tortilla? Great idea!

So here goes…using only two eggs in a bowl I whip them along with a few seasonings I like to use: Garlic powder, red crush pepper, black course pepper, tuscany seasoning, a splash of worcestershire sauce and whip it again real good.

With this particular dish I had some chicken fajita meat left over from the day before…this is rare as I hardly reheat anything! With the skillet set on medium heat, add some oil olive, the chicken, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and let it sizzle…but dont burn it! Only takes a few minutes to give it a nice golden color.

With a 12″ skillet set at low-medium heat (a 4 on an electric stovetop), spray the pan with a non-fat spray. Olive oil is great too, but again I’m watching my weight. Add the egg mixture to cover the entire bottom of the pan. Once the top of the egg has just enough shake to it, not runny…flip it using a wide spatula or if you really good, flip it over like a professional chef! I’m still trying to master that technique!

Once you flip your egg, add a bed of asiago cheese, grilled chicken, jalapenos (jar or fresh) red crush pepper, black course pepper more cheese and fold over. Top it off with a little more cheese and serve!

Here you have a high protein meal that isn’t just for breakfast anymore! Add a couple of slices of bacon…gotta have bacon!

A quick meal that can be done in under 10 minutes. You see? In no time at all, you have a great meal. Didn’t have to go pick up fast food, because 10 minutes of standing in the kitchen is pretty fast enough.

My chicken jalapeno omelet is one of my kids favorite…but their all-time favorite? My sauteed shrimp omelet! Stay tuned for that one!

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