Homemade Potato Skins: We're Not Talk'n Frozen!

Homemade Potato Skins
Homemade Potato Skins

How any times have you gone to a steak house and ordered potato skins? Those scooped out potatos filled with cheese, bacon and chives. I think we all have from time to time. What amazes me is I enjoy eating the skin itself. I prefer them to be crispy, not soggy!

Preparing potato skins as an appetizer or with a meal is very easy to do. At least set aside an hour to make them.

Get you some good size potatos, the ones you would normally cook for a baked potato. Wash them, poke a few holes in them with two-prong pitchfork. Pour a little bit of olive oil in one hand and rub each potato with the oil. You do not need much. If your potato starts to moan and says “Lower”, you’re massaging him too long!

Place your potatos on a baking sheet or on the open rack in your oven. Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees. Place them in the center and set the timer to 45 minutes. After the timer goes off, pull the potatos from the rack and set aside. Now your potatos will be extremely hot! Let me cool for a few minutes and now set the oven temperature at 375 degrees.

Using an oven mit, grab a potato and place it on your cutting board. Take your large kitchen knife and slice your potato in half, long ways. What I do is make my cut on the shallow side of the potato, giving you a nice wide potato to fill with the goodies later. To scoop out the potato, I use an ice cream scoop. Hey it works! Leave nice edge of potato all the way around. Don’t cut too deep or you’ll go all the way to the skin. They’re called potato skins, not skins. lol

Place the skins back on the baking sheet and slide into the oven for another 7 to 10 minutes. This will crispy up the skins for you. Now I had cooked four potatos, so that gave me eight potato skins between the three of us. Myself and my two boys. Fill the centers up with monterrey and colby jack cheeses, fresh bacon and this time around I topped mine off with fresh cut cilantro and course black pepper! Cilantro has a wonderful strong flavor. To unleash the flavor, cut your cilantro! The aroma is a welcoming scent in any kitchen!

My son giving a thumbs up!

Place them back into the oven for another 7 minutes or until the cheese is melted. As soon as the timer rings, a crowd has gathered behind you with a hungry look in their eyes! You have become the hero of potato skins!

Serve with sour cream and this time around I added a Plum Chipolte sauce sprinkleld with cilantro. Wow! Did I say Wow! You bet I did! I have to say the best I’ve made so far!

Potato skins are a perfect introduction to a wonderfully prepared meal. A great summer dish for the outdoors!

Have fun in YOUR kitchen! It’s where the family gathers!

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