Wine Review: Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut


Have you ever prepared a meal and couldn’t figure out what kind of wine to serve? Paring food with odd flavors leaves you scratching your head and probably out of desperation you grab a simple merlot or even a chardonnay. Well…I’m here to help you!

A friend of mine asked me to try a two different bottles of Prosecco this past weekend. Prosecco wine is one of those you need to keep in your wine cooler. Keep it cold and ready. When preparing a meal with strong flavors that are trying to compete with each other you can’t go wrong with a nice Processo. As with all wines, we have the ones we rave about, others that are ‘safe’ and those that are well…so-so.

This Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut left me at first with a so-so the first night I had it. Some think the Prosecco is a champagne which it is not. Yes it has the cork you can pop your eye out with or as I like to do it…see how far I can shoot it across my backyard. Hey, I’m still a kid at heart. What can I say!

To be more adult about it this time around, I placed a towel over the top of the bottle and eased the cork out by slightly twisting it until it popped into the towel with my hand firmly placed over the top of it. From the first pour, you’ll be welcomed with an aroma of apples and peach. For me it stopped there for the time being.

My first taste left me with deja vu of beer. I know, don’t run me out of town yet…just hold on. I’ve never been a fan of beer let alone champagne. But I was going to go all the way with this Prosecco. It starts off light and finishes hard. I did notice there is alot of fizz with this one. For those with stomach problems this probably isn’t going to be your first choice.

Now I didn’t pair the wine with a meal as I had eaten earlier in town and decided to keep it light for the day. I wanted to try the Prosecco regardless. Because I ran out of wine stoppers, I left the bottle open in my cooler, standing up. The next morning I had decided on a late breakfast, so I whipped up one of my famous omelets with asiago, bacon and jalapenos. Couple with various seasonings I mix up in the egg batter. I pulled out my opened bottle of Santa Margherita Prosecco to compliment my mid-morning meal. Now this is literally a first time for me to have alcohol in the morning….hey it was almost noon!

With the bottle left open in the cooler, the Prosecco had toned down in taste but not fizz. So it was still very lively. With my seasoned omelet the Santa Margherita ended up to be a very nice compliment. So from Friday evening I would have given it a grade of C, but by the next morning with brunch I moved up my elementary grading to a nice B.

The price is nice at around $15 a bottle. For those you want a quick history lesson…Santa Margherita is one of the two Italian firms permitted, by ministerial decree, to make wines sparkling outside the region in which they are grown. That’s kinda cool huh? Hey at least you’ll sound smart at your next brunch serving this Prosecco!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Com'è il vino? ~ How's the Wine ? Good job Donald !! This wine comes from the region (Liguria) in Italy where my mother was born.We stay in our family home in Camogli which is approx. 7 Kilo's distance every summer.I have a few others you might like. Jeffrey

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