Celebration of Rejuvenation!

Easter Breakfast
Keeping Healthy Simple.

Hi Folks!

It’s been awhile I know. I prefer Tip of the Fork to be my full-time job than dealing with a 2+ hour commute in Houston traffic. Forget all that!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Yes April is around the corner and I have so much to write about! I will be going back in time to get everyone caught up with my cooking and my birthday celebration back in January!

Regardless of your beliefs and faith. Today is a Celebration of Rejuvenation! Yes Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior. It’s been a rough month for me and I’m getting back into the swing of things. Mind. Body. and Soul!

I was one of the unfortunate ones to have come down with the Norovirus. No, I didn’t get it on a cruise ship…like you could ever get me on one of those things. It’s high contagious and airborne. I contracted it the first of March. Most confuse it with food poisoning as it has the same systems. Except after hurling everything God intended to keep inside your body for six agonizing hours and praying to the porcelain throne … I finally was able to get off my knees and into bed. Hydration is the key and to keep yourself out of an ambulance. Hey, it’s not glamorous but the hard cold truth. I lost a total of 10lbs and 7 of which in those 6 hours. So you know, it wasn’t water weight. I’m down to 150lbs as we speak. At least I look hot in my Lucky’s. Three days of bed rest and I was not smart enough to stay in for a week. The lingering systems lasted a month. I think I drank more Pedialyte than the average toddler. Ate bread and popsicles as if Pepperidge Farms and Blue Bell was going to go out of business.

I have to say the virus made me rethink my diet. I no longer drink coffee. Dropped it cold turkey with no headaches. There was nothing left in my system to give me caffeine withdrawal headaches and at the same time I stopped all alcohol. Yes your wine connoisseur as stopped reviewing wine for a while. For a couple of reasons on both. Coffee has gotten too expensive. Wine for me had gotten to the point of trying to make the work day just go away. It’s not the way to savory wine.  No worries though. I will be introducing wine back into my system, just not right now. Same goes for the tequilas, whiskeys and brandy’s … they will all continue to age when the time comes for me to partake again.

Yes I am doing much better and I Thank the Lord for the perseverance to soldier through.

We cannot forget about the food! Honestly, I haven’t cooked but a couple of times in the last six weeks. My oldest son, Austin and I did prepare a nice Pan-seared Salmon and pasta dish a few night again. Awww…how I missed the flavors of such perfection! In the near future, I will be showcasing my 19 year old son cooking skills. I’ll even head out to go fishing with my 17 year old who is just as skilled in the kitchen as my oldest son.

To celebrate the start of Easter … My Celebration of Rejuvenation and hopefully yours too! I prepared an All-American Breakfast of pan-fried bacon dusted with garlic and cayenne powders, along with Parsley flakes. Using the bacon fat, I added two eggs over medium with garlic powder and parsley. I heated up my iron skillet and toasted a whole wheat English Muffin with my favorite Grape Jam.

Getting back into the swing of things, you gotta start simple. What better way than Bacon and Eggs!

Happy Easter Everyone and remember … Everyday you should Rejuvenate yourself!

Stay healthy my friends!

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