Wine Review: Leitz’s 2008 Rudesheimer Drachenstein Riesling Dragonstone


I have to say, I’ve never really been one for sweet wines or light wines. A friend of mine bought me (great guy) two bottles of Rieslings. I had a date planned here at the house, where I was doing the cooking. Take note guys and gals, you want to impress…cook yourself! Gives you more time for conversation! The kitchen is a neutral zone for sparks to happen! …and you can impress her or him with your cooking skills!

…back to the wine. This evening, I was preparing my papaya chipolte glazed salmon (a write up will follow soon) along with side of small kernel white corn. Yes white. It’s sweeter and has a better flavor than yellow.

Okay, okay…now back to the wine! This evening I (heaven forbid) unscrewed the top off the bottle of wine. You read it right, I unscrewed the top. Now let’s get something straight here. I’m old school. Cork it dammit! I have always cringed at the thought of a screw top on a wine bottle. My friend John, being a wine connoisseur assured me screw tops are the best. Yes I asked why. Why? Because it locks in the flavor so much better than the old cork. Corks are porous, screw tops are not. Plus when you push a cork back in the bottle you are pushing air in, where it can change the taste of your wine…as it was told to me…wine is a living organism…air does change things. I now agree with that philosophy.

Tonight I unscrewed the top off of aLeitz’s 2008 Rudesheimer Drachenstein Riesling Dragonstone. A German wine imported through a New York company. The Rieslings I’ve had recently were sweeter yet crisp to the palate. The Dragonstone by Leitz is not as sweet but has an intense flavor of fruit, especially noticable is the grapefruit with a hint of lime. Other fruits in this wine that I make up this full bodies Reisling is peach and red currant along with cinnamon spice. But leans heavily toward the pink grapefruit being the most noticable.

A very nice wine to compliment seafood or chicken. For around $15.00 you can’t go wrong. For those dates that are not into drinking wine, I suggest either the Leitz Dragonstone or better yet the Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling. I will be posting a review on this particular Riesling soon, as it is now part of my cellar on a regular basis.

Enjoy! Oh and don’t forget one small detail. Don’t keep talking about yourself during your date. Ask her or him things about themselves….shows you’re interested. 😉

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