Wine Review: Carpene Malvolti Prosecco Extra Dry


Now to review my second bottle of Prosecco in the same weekend! After having a couple of glasses of the Santa Margherita Prosecco Sunday morning with a spiced up omelet…I had already pre-planned my Sunday evening dinner. You’ll have to wait for the full review after this one! As I go on, I’ll give a tease here and there of what I paired with this absolutely wonderful Prosecco Extra Dry by Carpene Malvolti.

Okay I’ll have to set this one up for you to get your mouth watering for dinner. I had prepared a Lime/Cayenne/Chardonnay Baked Salmon for dinner along with broccoli. Yes broccoli, don’t give me a hard time! It’s about the only vegetable left on Earth I’ll eat. You’re thinking…a Chardonnay Salmon with a Prosecco? Yes, indeed. I like to mixed things up in the kitchen but I also like it spicy with a bit of heat. Cooking with cayenne is more challenging than chipolte.

Back to this wonderful Prosecco! Dinner is in the next article! From the first pour of this sparkling wine you’ll notice it’s very pale straw color, a bit on the light brassy side. Now for those of you who are new to drinker wine, lets clear something up…Extra Dry or Dry does not mean you’ll be dying of thirst. Extra Dry means ‘sweeter’ than a Brut Prosecco. What I like about this Prosecco is it’s not overly carbonated like the Santa Margherita. The flavor from the first sip gives you a hint of green apple, slightly minerality with a nice soft tart apple finish. Oh yeah, you want to impress your date with an inexpensive bottle of Prosecco…you can’t go wrong here. I actually prefer this Prosecco over the SM. CM doesn’t finish hard like the SM.

So you’re asking yourself again, how was it with my salmon? Simply in awe. Yes I could have paired dinner with a nice Cakebread or even a Sterling, but tonight I wanted something different and Prosecco was already on the menu.

I give this Prosecco an A-. For about $18, you can’t go wrong with this very popular Prosecco.

Don’t fall into the stuffy ‘reviews’ of having to pair a particular wine with a particular food group. Enjoy yourself in the kitchen and most of all…enjoy a glass of wine with the other person who is sitting across the dinner table with you. That is the most important pairing of them all…Don’t you think?

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