Week 2 Wine Review: Joel Gott Zinfandel 2007

I didn’t start drinking wine until very late in life. To make a quick story, I never drank any type of alcohol before until I was about 40. One of these days, I’ll tell you why…but to set this review up, one of the first wines I started drinking was Zinfandel. I soon stopped because I was razzed a few times for drinking a ‘girlie’ wine. So I switched to something more ‘manly’, like Cabarnets and Bordeaux’s.  Well, I’m back to enjoying a glass of Zinfandel from time to time. 
I was presented with a bottle of Joel Gott’s Red Zinfandel 2007 a couple of weeks back. Last night, I thought I’d pop the cork on this one, as I thought it would be a great compliment to leftover Domino’s pizza. Hey, don’t knock it! Sometimes, chef’s like to take a night off from the home kitchen! I had ordered the night before a large hand-tossed with extra large pepperoni’s and jalapeno’s. Geesh, where do they get the extra hot ones? I broke a sweat just eating it!

Having been a newbie in the wine world six years ago, I thought all Zin’s were pink. Guess that is why I got picked on. Well the Joel Gott Red Zinfandel is a beautiful dark red with a hint of plum purple hues. Hmmm, doesn’t look like a Zin…nice full color of red/purple from the center, increasing in a nice red to the outer edge of the glass. I like this because when I view wine from the side or from the top of the glass, I like to see the variation in color from center to edge. Being a graphics designer, color is my business. What I have found with wine colors, when they are consistent from center to edge, the flavor is more consistent from the sip to the swallow. Trust me, try it sometime. I think you’ll be amazed. Now it doesn’t hold true with all wines, but I guess I’ve been lucky so far.

You’ll notice with the Joel Gott Zinfandel it has a light oak aroma, not heavy at all. A great wine for those who have a problem with ‘Oak Headache Syndrome’ as I call it. Your nose will appreciate the combination of plum, blackberries along with licorice and a hint of peppers. The texture is smooth from start to finish. I like my wine this way. I found no ‘flat spots’ with this wine. You know what I’m talking about…wine that come on strong at first but fall flat by the time you swallow. Like you washed it down with water. That drives me nuts.

So how did it pair with the pizza? Really great! Because of the licorice and hints of pepper, it was a nice blend with the over-the-top jalapeno peppers. Even with the spicy pizza, it did not throw off the taste of the wine between bites. Sometimes certain food will alter your wine. So remember, drinking wine by itself will change when having a glass with food.

I recommend Joel Gott’s Zinfandel for those who like red wine, but not heavy on the palate. It is a balanced wine. Great for those who enjoy white but not a red fan. I think this Zinfandel will change their minds.

…And before I forget! Try it with a nice cheesecake on a graham cracker crust with a raspberry drizzle. Makes a wonderful dessert wine as well!

Pick up a bottle on  your way home…and most of all, Enjoy!

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