Salsa Review: New Arriba Fire-Roasted Mexican Morita Salsa

When it comes to salsa I love it hot and spicy! It is an extreme rarity that I even entertain the idea of buying ‘Medium’ heat in a salsa.

Saturday afternoon I had gone to my local Kroger’s store to get a few things for a dinner I was preparing. While walking the aisle, the Arriba spokesman had approached me to try a few of the new Arriba’s Salsa’s. Sure why, not…it’s free right? He had the Hot Salsa that I always purchase and the Chipolte version which I’m not a fan of. It doesn’t have enough heat for me. Now when I’m talking about salsa, I like a balance between the heat factor, spiciness and the robust of exploding flavors. He asked me to try a new salsa they were debuting that day. It happened to be the one I’m reviewing right now! The new Arriba Fire-Roasted Mexican Morita Salsa. I have to say…WOW! Now I do not get excited about salsa’s as I’ve tried so many…from the private labels to the regular store bought brands. I tend to lean toward the private label brands because I want to see what others come up with. So far, I haven’t been impressed lately except for the SilverLeaf Ghost Pepper Salsa and that one is another story all to itself.

This new Arriba Fire-Roasted Mexican Morita Salsa really caught my attention as I was standing in the middle of the aisle. What catches your palate’s attention right off is the smokey flavor of the salsa. This is from the smoked jalapeno in the salsa. The Morita Chipolte Pepper also known as the “Little Blackberry” because of its dark red tones and fruity flavor. To achieve this well rounded smokey flavor is the combination of the fire-roasted tomatoes.

The Rep and I discussed recipes…of course. I ended up buying three jars of the salsa…and on Sunday went back and bought another one. It’s addicting. I’ve cleared out one jar with a whole bag of chips, all by myself. Lets just say I’m working it all off!

I cannot wait to add it to a few of my recipes and even add it to a nice creamy Queso to serve come Super Bowl Sunday.

…and you know what the second best part of the salsa happens to be? IT’S FAT FREE! No worries, you’ll never know as they do not promote it as fat-free…you’ll find that little tid-bit of info on the side of the jar.

Instead of me telling you how wonderful this salsa really is…I’ll race you to the grocery store! Go!

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