by Chef Dr. Mike of Journey’s into Quantum Foods.

This week Donald Bond shares his personal stories and insights into this phenomenon.

With a laid-back style and easy and affable manner, Donald weaves the tale we can all relate to. He shares his own story from an eating out every day sugar junkie to healthful home cooking aficionado. Donald talks about his personal path, and how he came to see the kitchen and the family meal as the hub from which all the various relationships are strengthened.

Donald is neither a professional chef nor a medical professional. That is exactly why he is an incredible inspiration to us all! He shows us what heart, determination, and a willingness to put forth a little effort can achieve.

don Jose Ruiz wrote that:

“Shamanism is not based on hierarchy, deference to past teachers, or following a sacred text based on blind belief, but rather on finding the wisdom that is already inside you.”

Within this context, Donald is most certainly a self-made Food Shaman. Like in days of old, come join us at the cauldron this week as we gather. Listen, enjoy, and learn the wisdom from those that have walked the path before and probed the betwixt and between.

Drink the fellowship in sheer as we each walk our own path to sovereignty; each individual and distinct, but forever interconnected!
You can view Chef Dr. Mike’s Davey Gold Award winning cooking videos here: Dr. Mike Cooks. Check out The Food Shaman’s latest musings at Psychology Today!

Join Donald Bond, from Tip of the Fork, as we recount his every man’s journey from sugar junkie to health conscious home cook. As he says, “I’m not through learning. Cooking is a never-ending quest. From comfort food to the health-conscious.” For those who really want an interesting story, join us at the cauldron this week!

Take a listen to my guest spot with Chef Dr. Mike below!

Chef Dr. Mike The Food Shaman Guest: Donald Bond of Tip of the Fork

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