Week 3 Wine Review: Layer Cake Shiraz Vintage 2008

Everyone has their favorite type of wine, whether it’s chardonnay, merlot or a nice cabernet. Shiraz is one that I have not really added to my favorite’s list yet, but I’m trying them as they come along.

Today I decided to open up a Southern Australian Shiraz from Layer Cake. This particular Shiraz comes on strong, from the aroma escaping the bottle to the overly bold flavors of black plum, mocha, chocolate, black pepper and blackberry.

What I first noticed about this particular Shiraz is the bold dark red color. Honestly, didn’t think Shiraz wines were this dark, but I’ll explain why this particular one is such a color. The Layer Cake Shiraz is 100% Shiraz, settles in only French Oak and for me a bit high in alcohol content at 14.9%. Yeah, I’m a light weight, but doesn’t keep me from enjoying a nice glass of wine…or two!

After opening this Shiraz, you will be greeted with an aroma of mocha, chocolate and a hint of black pepper. I felt the chocolate aromas overpowered the plum. The plum was more of a distant scent. From the first few sips of this Layer Cake Shiraz, the black plum greets you with a bold burst, then followed by the mocha and finishing off with the flavor of a dark chocolate and spices. The blends of mocha and chocolate will linger with you from sip to sip.

To be honest, it caught me by surprise, as I wasn’t expecting it to be so bold. I didn’t pair this one very well, as we had prepared healthy homemade pizza’s (you’ll read the review shortly). I wanted to try the Shiraz regardless…well because I was in the mood to try something different!

I suggest pairing this particularly bold Shiraz with a nice seasoned and grilled pork tenderloin or steak. The red meat will tame this Shiraz and compliment your meal quite nicely.

This one will set you back about $20 bucks. The world is filled with Shiraz, so I’ll continue to look for the one this will knock my socks off. This particular one came off a bit too strong for my tastes.

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  1. Layer Cake says:

    Donald:Great post and thanks for the write up of our wine, Layer Cake Shiraz. We make the wine with the intention of being enjoyed with grilled foods, particularly the cuisine of the Outback. However, the Layer Cake Shiraz has a level of opulence that allows you to enjoy with a wide variety of food.We had seared Ahi Tuna (with just a little Kona and Black Pepper Crust), sweet potato and rapini and the wine stood tall…the fattiness/richness of the tuna did really well with the prolific nature of the wine. Let us know your thoughts as we'd love to hear from you more. LC

  2. Andie says:

    Greetings Tip of the Fork!

    I’m also a big wine lover. I stumbled across your website while searching for an image of Layer Cake for my site. May I ask for permission using your sexy picture of the Layer Cake? Of course I would give credit to the wonderful photographer and add a link to your site.

    Let me know if this is something you are ok with, if not, no worries. I still love the photo!

    Cheers from Chicago,
    Andie aka Citimaven

    1. dbond911 says:

      Absolutely! I would be honored! – Donald

    2. dbond911 says:

      Wow, How did I miss this Comment? Yes you can use the images! My apologies for missing such a wonderful comment!!

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