Restaraunt Review: Pizzitola's – Houston's Home of the Spareribs

Houston’s Home of Spareribs!

Yes we all know that Texas is synonymous with good ol’ bar-b-que. I know what you may say, Memphis and St. Louis has their own versions. Even California and New York have created their own spin on BBQ.

I’m here to tell you about one place here in Houston that I enjoy. I will always say this in just about any story I tell…I do not like franchise restaurants. I enjoy seeking out those Mom & Pop places that make America beautiful in their own way and filling our stomachs with the tasty longings that keep us coming back for me.

My oldest son and I drove into Houston to spend the day together. No agenda. It was lunch time and I was actually heading to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants when I decided to pull into Pizzitola’s, Houston’s Home for Spareribs. Having lived in Texas most of my life, I find that I rarely partake in bar-b-que cuisine. It’s not that I do not like it. Probably because Texas is known for it, so it’s never been on my food radar. Today it was.

We parked the car and walked into a place that immediately feels like home. As if the staff knew you were coming. Everyone is friendly. Hey, that is Texas hospitality! It even makes for a better diner experience!

My son and I have been to Pizzitola’s before. So we already knew what we were ordering! We enjoy getting the combo plate of spareribs, lean brisket and chicken. Along with a side order of pickels and white onions. All fresh and bbq’ed on their open pit. They’ve been barbecuing since 1934 so they have it down to an art.

BBQ Combo Plate of Spareribs, brisket and chicken!

I love brisket, especially when it’s lean and cut thin. Falls apart, so tender and with a bit of the bbq sauce drizzled over it, makes a perfect combination. What I like about their sauce is it’s thin, not thick like store-bought sauces. No disappointments here. Their chicken is so tender I can’t get enough of it! Ribs? Meaty! A great seasoned crust and so easy to pull off the bone. With the combo plate, it doesn’t leave much room for dessert, but sometimes you just have to soldier through and partake in the sweetness of their classic banana pudding or a very decadent chocolate cake with a pecan icing. Now I need a nap!

Next time you are wondering around Houston, stop by Pizzitola’s. Right off Interstate 10 in the Heights area. A great pit stop for lunch with friends or by yourself. You’ll leave satisfied and longing for a quick return!


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