Bringing the World Closer with Twitter


It’s amazing to see what today’s technology can do. Sure we have been using our iPod’s for a few years now. Some of us have even owned two or maybe three of them. Years ago, we played with ICQ chat, then moved onto Yahoo IM, over to MySpace and now socializing on Facebook with family and friends…while Twitter has opened up a whole new world of actually bringing the entire world closer together in 140 characters or less.

When I heard about Twitter, I was like you. Twitter? What the heck is that? I don’t have anything to say to people I don’t even know! For those who are addicted to Twitter, many will either post links to articles they think you may be interested in or to say they are having coffee on their patio while watching the dog chase the cat. You know, interesting stuff.

Well, Twitter has also brought people together, not just virtually but in reality. Yes Facebook can be fun conversing with your friends, but what I find more interesting than Facebook is Twitter. To connect with people you don’t even know, become virtual friends and even one day meet them in person. So the case here…

As many of you know, I started my Tip of the Fork Blog to share with you what I do in the kitchen. My love for cooking and my dislike for fast food. Many of you do not know this, but my blog came by a recommendation of a Twitter friend, @writer_sheriwho thought I what I had to say was interesting enough to blog about. Guess she was right! Well, as I read other followers posts and began to interact with them, I became friends with many in the virtual world. I would never have thought that I would actually end up meeting a couple of them in person! The key to Twitter is conversation, communication and not posting links or quotes from dead people. But to interact with those who you do not know and eventually become friends, very possibly lifelong friends.

Celebrity TV Chef Debbie Frangipane of Florida and Home Chef Donald Bond of Texas
Barry talking to the President. He decided to call during lunch.

A couple of virutal friends I would exchange banter with is @dolcedebbie and @barryfrangipane of Florida. By having simple conversation, I found out Debbie lived in Houston for many years, has a sweet tooth for Cherry Pop Tarts (the things you found out on Twitter!) has family here and just happened to be visiting them during the Thanksgiving holiday. To make a long story short, all three of us met along with my two boys for the first time in Houston, Texas this past Sunday! At the Cadillac Bar in the Heights for some great Mexican food and most of all, laughter, conversation in the real world!

Debbie surprised with her favorite, Cherry Pop Tarts!

Yes from the virtual world to the real world. How awesome is that? I say pretty darn awesome! From just a few months ago, not knowing what Twitter was to posting one-liners and making friends for life…I’d say that caps off a Thanksgiving that is more memorable than a homemade brewery exploding over the top of a Thanksgiving turkey….Yeah, that’s another story!

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  1. Well said, Donald.I'm amazed that people from 15 countries and 28 states watch my cooking DVDs and are enrolled in my Web Cooking Classes, all thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Great places to meet people.Isn't that where we met? Chef Todd.

  2. Donald Bond says:

    Thank you…and yes, that is where we met, on Twitter. All it takes is a simple gesture of saying Hello. From there, who knows what will happen…but I do know it will be good. 🙂

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