Breakfast: A Simple Gesture


I’ve always enjoyed breakfast, especially when I go on a vacation. It’s been several years, if not decades that I’ve even ate breakfast on a daily basis. Probably never. Breakfast for me is saved for the slow pace of a weekend.

Getting up this morning…an hour earlier because of Daylight Savings Time has ended for now, it’s a perfect time to prepare breakfast for my youngest son and I. Being a self-proclaimed home chef, you’d figure that I would have all that I need to prepare a breakfast. Well it came down to having no eggs, something I forgot at the store last night. My son (13) and I went to the store this morning to get some large eggs for the blueberry muffins and of course to prepare a couple of hearty omelets! My oldest son wasn’t here, so it was a great opportunity to have some one on one time with my other son.

I enjoy cooking. As I’ve said many times before, the kitchen is a place for fellowship with friends and family. Guess that is why many Baptists have a weight problem, too much fellowship in the kitchen! I can laugh because I’m Baptist and God knows I’m right. 🙂 I’m sure other congregations have the same problem!

It’s a nice quiet morning here, my sons always enjoy when I cook. Fast food and restaurants are never spoken here. We have a good time together and at times my kids will show me a thing or two in the kitchen. I’m proud that I have inspired my two teenage sons to cook when they are here. I’m sure it is rare these days, a father and his kids swapping recipes or “Let me show you what I came up with!” A great feeling of accomplishment to see a simple gesture of kindness spurs creativity in the kitchen of the younger head-phone wearing, Xbox playing skateboarding crowd.

My two boys have been picky eaters for years. I guess many kids are because baby boomers hardly take the time to cook anymore, which is sad. Frozen pizza and fish sticks isn’t dinner, neither is fast food in a bag. I changed that about 6 years ago when I started cooking and introducing them to different foods…then it was onto seasonings and herbs. So far so good.

What I’m saying is several things in a short article. A simple gesture of breakfast brings families closer. A time for fellowship. Love and Laugh right? You bet. Taking the time to do something for some else speaks volumes.

If you haven’t cook for someone in a while, try it. At times all it starts with is crack of an egg and the aroma of sizzling bacon.

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  1. Oh my. That actually made me teary eyed. One of the saddest things about being rendered involuntarily single for me is that I have nobody to share cooking and dining with. Ok, other things too, but not here, K? That is beautifully written and evokes some really sweet memories. Thank You Donald!

  2. Donald Bond says:

    I appreciate your very sincere Comment. Cooking is a simple gesture that does speak volumes. Look at it as a handmade birthday card. From the thought to the action. It's taking the time to do something special for someone else. 🙂

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