Wine Review: Llano Estacado Vintner's Selection Riesling


I am a big fan of white wines but not one for the ‘sweet’ variants on the market. I finally tried a Riesling and found one that I really enjoy for those hot summers. To me, a Riesling should be refreshing first and sweet second.

As I was preparing dinner on a Saturday night, a friend of mine decided to pick out the wine for me. I do not mind as it gives me a chance to try something new or to see what my friends happen to like or bold enough to try.

This time it happened to be this Texas wine from Llano. Hailed from Lubbock, Texas, Llano Winery was born back during the Texas Centennial of 1976 by a group of Texas investors. For those who like a little history background.

Now back to this particular Riesling. I paired this wine with my Tequila Tilapia and Shrimp dish. At first taste of the wine, I picked up a strong flavor of apricot and lemon, even though the bottle states “hint-of”. Normally wines that have a strong front and finishes strong with strong florals…I know I will need to re-taste once the meal is served. This way, the spices from the seafood, the red crushed pepper, garlic and cilantro will change the way the Riesling comes across. Yes I have to admit I was turned off at first.

Once I served dinner and topped off the wine glasses. It was time to feast on my new creation. Once my palate was spiced up a bit, it was time to try to Riesling a ‘second’ time. The combination of the spices with the florals of the Llano Chardonnay toned down the apricot and lemon aromas. Truly it did, but it didn’t hide them. Just made the wine more balanced in flavor.

It’s not a Riesling that would be a first choice, as I prefer a Riesling with a cold crispness to make a hot summer day refreshing. If you like sweet with a bit of a punch, than try Llano. Remember, not all wines are made for all palates.

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