Wine Review: Bourgogne Réserve de la Chèvre Noire

How does one break from the traditional way of buying wine? Well have someone give you a bottle of wine you would not normally look for … because you wouldn’t know where to look for it!A friend of mine knows I enjoy myself in the kitchen and always looking for a nice wine to compliment my many creations. I guess you could call this a red chardonnay but that would upset the stuffy wine connoisseurs out there and we wouldn’t want to do that! But I will call it either a red chardonnay or a white pinot noir…Whoa! Well what ever you want to call it…is fine with me. You’ll enjoy this nice rounded wine. This particular wine I found to be of very good taste. This is a medium bodied wine with a bit of spice and floral aroma.

I had paired this wine with one of my grilled salmon dishes topped with a light sprinkle of asiago cheese and fresh cut basil. It ended up to be a great combination to the start of a wondering evening.

Here is an excerpt from the Albert Ponnelle Web Site:

The white version is made from chardonnay, the red from pinot noir.

This is the result of a selection of our best Burgundy appellation vines from both the Cote de Beaune and the Cote de Nuits. Partly matured in oak barrels, this selection is vinified and bottled with the same care as our premiers crus and our grands crus. Every bottle is cased in wicker and is numbered.

This wine takes its name from an old story, dating back to the time when goats could still graze freely on the wild grasses around the vineyards. One black goat was renowned for its habit of slipping away purposefully from the herd to treat itself to buds growing on the vines.

As a tribute to this beast of good taste and with a knowing wink, Albert Ponnelle decided to produce an authentic and original wine, la ‘Réserve de la Chevre Noire’. From the very first this was a great success and we continue each year to vinify a special cuvée in red (pinot noir) and in white (chardonnay).


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  1. rene lacombe says:

    do they sell this wine in florida stores

    1. I would think the more specialized wine or liquor stores would carry this wine.

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