Week 5 Wine Review: La Noble Merlot 2004


Yes I’ve been behind on my wine reviews lately. Besides working alot on projects and for the main reason, I prefer not to drink alone, as wine is enjoyed with others!

The 5th wine out of my 13 Week Review comes from France, La Noble Merlot 2004. I decided on this red wine mainly because I had never tried it. As you see from my T-Bone Steak article this is the wine I paired such a wonderful meal with. I normally prefer a more robust Merlot, but the La Noble Merlot complimented my meal very well. It did not take away from the spicy flavors of the crawfish or the charcoal grilled steaks. A nice balance between them.

It’s what I call a light and airy Merlot. Perfect those white wine drinkers who like it on the light side. With a nice aroma of plum and black cherries that fill the glass, slides down smoothly sip after sip.

It’s inexpensive, about $9. Not corked but with a twist top. My juror is still out on twist top wine bottles.

It’s a nice recommendation for those who do are not much of a wine drinker and like their wine on the light flavorful side.

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  1. Zachary says:

    Preferably, I enjoy a crisp, refreshing white wine. So if you're looking for something along those lines, I’d go with JM Fonseca Twin Vines. Crisp, refreshing and light, this brand of wine goes down smoothly with just about everything. If you’d like to compare it, compare it to a Pinot Grigio, just more refreshing. I will leave the link for the wine below in case you seem interested. Hope you enjoy:http://tinyurl.com/meko65

  2. Donald Bond says:

    Thank you Zachary, I will check that out! I appreciate your comment! I do enjoy crisp and refreshing white wine.

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