U2 and Japanese Food


It’s not everyday your teenage son comes to you and asks if you would take him to see U2 in concert. It’s a humbling honor to say the least. He could have easily asked one of his school buddies to go, but instead he asked his dear ol’ Dad! To make a long story short, my son calls me the night before the U2 concert in Houston. Now understand this is a sold-out show. He’s pretty computer savy so you had found tickets at StubHub.com for only $47….in the nose bleed section of Reliant Stadium…and I’m afraid of heights. Now this doesn’t bother me because I’ve never seen U2 in concert nor have my son and I ever been to a rock concert together. For me to take him to his first big show, is a tremendous honor!…and a doozy of a show I might add, it was well worth the hundred bucks!

My son is a guitarist and a damn good one I might add. Now you ask, what does this have to do with a food web site? Technically not a damn thing, but I want to share with you! The day of the concert I went into the office to get some work done, knowing it was going to be a late night. I’m usually one of those one-meal a day kinda guys. Yes one-meal-a-day and you wonder how I can review food & wine web site? It’s all in moderation, folks. 🙂 Anyway, I decided if I eat a healthy hearty meal before I go, I won’t have to succumb to $8 nachos and $5 watered down soda.

I ordered a nice lunch from a local Japanese restaurant on the West side of Houston consisting of a 10oz broiled salmon filet with teriyaki glaze, topped off with grilled crawfish and shrimp. A couple of spring rolls, a vegetable salad and white rice. Dear Lord, from the first bite I thought I’d gone to heaven! Now I know HOW to grill a salmon, but to broil one…this was one very tasty fish without being fishy! The presentation was beautifully done. I know, I know…didn’t think to take my camera to photograph my lunch, so you will just have to believe me!  What I like about salmon is it is not a heavy fish. I knew I wasn’t going to be hungry at the concert and absolutely didn’t want to have to go stand in line for fatty food. Always remember, before heading out to a big event. Eat a nice meal, but not a heavy meal. As heavy meals will make drain your energy. Plus salmon is one of the best brain foods you can eat!

Since I did not photograph my lunch I thought I’d share a few U2 360 Tour photos from the upper red deck of Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The sound was phenomenal. The production was so professional, there wasn’t one flaw in the entire two and a half hour show. Hats off to U2 for giving Houston the best show I’ve seen…EVER! A big pat on the pack to the entire U2 crew for giving us our money’s worth!

NOTE: All photos below were photographed by me using a Sony Point & Shoot digital camera. These photos are teasers. To view them larger, click here. Because pro camera equipment is not allowed inside during the concert, I slipped my P&S in my pocket. Being a professional photographer…I itched for my digital SLR!

The Reliant Stadium Roof was open for the concert. Notice how close the top of the needle is to the lower portion of the stadium roof!
The light show was over the top! Multi-colors along with a 360 degree video screen. All footage was live from the stage.
Here is the 360 Video screen stretching it’s way to the stage floor!

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