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Do you know what city tops the list of most restaurants in the nation? Houston, Texas…my hometown. We are also famous for having the most fast food joints, but I won’t be bragging about that since I refuse to eat fast food. What’s nice about the Houston area is the city offers so many different types of restaurants. Forget the franchise establishments because there are so many Mom&Pop and privately owned eateries, I truly don’t think you can eat at all of them in a lifetime.

On Saturday I had spent most of the day in the hot sun of Houston. Being hungry and drained from the continuing 100 degree weather…I needed to refuel. It was late in the day, I didn’t want to cook but wanted something that was light but filling. Even though Houston is a very big city, it doesn’t take one long to get around. I was on the South side of town and within 15 minutes I’m inside the Loop heading over to one of my favorites…Ziggy’s Healthy Grill. There are two locations of Ziggy’s. Down in Montrose, the artsy district of Houston and the location I usually end up is at the corner of W. Alabama and Greenbriar.

You’ll find Ziggy’s at this location on the corner of an office type building. Plenty of trees on the outer area and outdoor sitting under the brick awning. They also offer a large conference room for large groups. When you walk in, you’ll notice the large dining area with a bit of art deco design. Simple, yet gives a relaxing feel.

I sat in one of their wooden booths. No cushions but surprisingly comfortable! I was seated by one of the owners, of course I’m bad about names…but a very personable nice guy! After being outside most of the day, I started off with one of their Ziggerita’s. Their version of a margarita consisting of fresh orange/lime/lemon juice and tequila. Wow is all I got to say. Tequila may be the truth serum of alcohol and not healthy for you…but who in the hell cares? It’s 100 degrees outside and the combination of citric juices combined with the tequila was a wonderful blended frozen margarita! Ziggy’s does not use syrup…it’s all fresh!

When I come to Ziggy’s, I usually do not need a menu. I go for their baked tilapia. On the menu the tilapia is lemon pepper flowered. This time around I requested cayenne and basil to be added along with the normal way the chef prepares it. Good thing I had my Ziggerita on hand…it was a big spicy and that is the way I like it! With the hotness of the cayenne and ending with a nice sweetness of the basil, the combo rocked!

With your main dish you get two sides, so I opted for their steamed broccoli and a mixed side salad with a fat free ranch dressing. Remember this is a healthy eatery, so they don’t drown your salad with dressing but give it to you on the side. Good thinking! That is the way it should be done for those of us that do like to eat healthy…at times. Now after saying that, I had to feed my sweet tooth. That one tooth rules the mouth!

I picked up one of their fresh chocolate chip cookies from their cookie tray at the main counter. I had to eat it slow and savor the flavor. I think Ziggy’s is in direct competition with my own cookie baking skills…and I got skills! đŸ™‚

What I love about Ziggy’s is the place has all the qualities I look for in a restaurant. Very friendly staff, very clean, sound level is low so you can have a conversation with you party, option of sitting indoors or outdoors and they stay open till 10pm! Most of all, they off a large menu of very healthy dishes to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

The next time you’re in Houston, make a point to stop in at Ziggy’s. It may just get you started eating healthy again and to find it’s not so hard to do so.

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  1. Stef says:

    Thanks sharing your love of Ziggy's! I've reviewed them on my blog a couple of times as well and absolutely love that they are reasonably priced, healthy and flavorful! Three qualities I look for in every restaurant…Our favorites are breakfast (Ziggy Hash, multigrain pancakes), our "appetizer dinners" (spinach artichoke dip and Ziggy Nachos), pizza nights, and burger nights (I adore the chickpea burger)Great pictures too…I found that the lighting is awesome in the morning on those surprisingly comfortable wooden benches.

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