RC's Pizza: Texas Hometown New York City Pie

White Pie
White Pie with Pepperoni, Mushrooms & Fresh Basil

When it comes to pizza I am particular. I no longer order pizza from a national chain, nor will I walk into one and eat it there. A few years ago, when Domino’s changed their pizza recipe around two weeks before Christmas, I happened to order one from them the day after Christmas for my sons and I. Everything else was closed at the time. I did not know they had changed their recipe until after what happened to me. Only having a slice, my face and eyes swelled up and I could hardly breathe as my air passage was closing quick. We call that anaphylactic shock. I’m wasn’t aware of being allergic to anything except Irish Spring soap. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with thirteen electrodes taped to my chest and wearing an oxygen mask. As you can tell, I survived the ordeal. That was also the last time I ever ate their pizza or from any other pizza chain. It probably had taken me six months to get enough nerve up to eat pizza again. Finally I did. Since then, I’ve only been going to hole-in-the-wall pizza joints around the country for fresh ingredients as they have a flavor all its own.

This brings me to my favorite local pizza joint, RC’s Pizza in Kingwood, Texas. Found at the end of a small shopping center, it’s quaint with a New York City flair. I’ll get to the pizza in a minute.

Owner RC Gallegos was tired of the cookie-cutter pizza’s during his high school days. So he decided to take it to another level … and he did! With the love of New York City adoring the walls, music from the likes of Frank Sinatra to Nino Rota’s The Godfather Love Theme fills the air. You gotta love that. The staff is also part of the experience. They are not someone who just takes your order … they remember you name. Even coming by my table to say Hi and “Haven’t see you in a while”. It’s the little things that makes you want to come back. Personal service is a forgotten art. They offer indoor and outdoor dining, pick-up and delivery. They are not just a pizza joint. RC’s also offers a complete menu of Italian dishes from their lasagna (which I enjoyed!) to Subs & Hero’s and of course their signature pies.

RC's Lasagna
RC’s Lasagna with Garlic Bread

I recently wanted to try something different when it came to my pizza. This time around as you see in the photo, I ordered a White Pie. A White Pie consists of Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese and no sauce. I added my favorite toppings; pepperoni, mushrooms and fresh-cut basil. Sometimes I’ll add jalapenos too. All ingredients are fresh. You can tell very easily. The ricotta cheese blended with the mozzarella is not overly done like most places were an over-abundance of cheese is still not enough. I like my pie to blend with all the flavors, yet you are able to pick out each one individually. Mushrooms are cut thin, same as the pepperoni. RC’s also knows when to lay down the fresh cut basil right before the pie is ready. What I like about a pizza with no sauce as it actually is less filling and I don’t feel like taking a nap afterwards. Plus you are able to enjoy all the flavor-able ingredients.

The crust is crispy yet not like the competitors cardboard version. Crispy bottom with a nice bite. I don’t need it breaking off like a cracker. We’re talking pizza here! You also have your choice of whole wheat or white crust. I always go with the white. Each pizza is made my hand so kick back and enjoy the time you are there. They have one busy kitchen! While you wait, be sure to order their Fried Ravioli. Love’m! Their Garlic Knots are a huge hit too!

I enjoy taking my family and friends there, or if I’m on my way home and want to unwind … I head to RC’s. They know I like to kick back, read the news on my phone and of course I photograph everything I eat.

So the next time you have a hanker’n for a pizza. Don’t pick up the phone and call a cardboard competitor. Head over to RC’s Pizza, grab a table and relax.

The hardest part? What pizza pie to order.


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