How to Be Cheap and Impress Your Date!


I’ve always been one who refused to do the dinner and a movie type of date. I mean c’mon people…why would you want to try to scream over other noisy people because you had taken your date to a trendy place and then proceed to sit in silence in a damn movie theater? Don’t hand me the ‘holding hands – stealing kisses’ moment in the theater. I can pull that off in broad daylight.

I’m going to take this article to another level in my blog. After preparing this wonderful meal just last night for my date, I had to share it with you. So follow me to my kitchen and I’m going to show you how to have a wonderful evening out with your new girl or guy….at home.

Say you’ve gotten lucky to get a second date with the same person. He or she likes you enough to go out a second time. Yeah! In this day and age of online dating and serial dating, getting a second date is a huge accomplishment. Now that you’ve sweet talked your date into coming over to your house for dinner and at the same time you didn’t creep them out…I’m going to show you how to “Impress Your Date, Being Cheap”.

For less than $30 you will impress with a meal you prepared yourself, along with a bottle of wine and a $1 movie from RedBox.

I’m going to be talking as a guy trying to impress a girl. Also works in reverse. Before the sun goes down follow these steps. Head to your grocery store and go over to the bakery/deli area. This is where you will usually find the rotisserie chicken. They are already cooked and ready to go. If you wait after 4pm, you will be able to pick up a good size chicken for less then $5 bucks. Stay with either a BBQ, Garlic/Herb or plain, but no Lemon/Pepper. Just because it’s never been my favorite on any level. While at the store, pick up a few other things. Go choose a Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling wine. If your girl isn’t a big wine drinker, the CSM Riesling has a crisp, airy sweet flavor of apply and vanilla. Trust me, she’ll love it! And for about $9 bucks you can’t go wrong!

While in the deli area pick up some Feta and Asiago cheeses…already crumbled and shredded. Get a container of a romaine spring salad mix. If you’re a guy, read the expiration date. Further out the fresher it is. Get a clove of garlic as well. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to kiss her later without the fear of garlic breath. Get some croutons, spices…with this dish I used a sweet mesquite seasoning, course black pepper, kosher salt, red crushed pepper and cilantro. Go over and get Kraft Fat-Free Caesar Dressing. It doesn’t taste fat-free at all. Trust me on this.

Oh and don’t forget to pick up a comedy at the RedBox for a dollar. Having a great dinner date is being prepared.

Now lets get home. Once in your kitchen, put it all away and go shower up. Okay, you look great…a little heavy on the hair gel but you look fine. lol

Heat up a big skillet on the stovetop using medium heat. Pull the chicken out of the bag and get your big knife out and cut the chicken off the bone. You’re going to have enough chicken to have another meal for lunch tomorrow. Once you debone the chicken, throw the rest away. By this time your date shows up. Yeah! she didn’t leave you high and dry! She must like you.

Now hopefully you remembered to chill the wine. Only needs about an hour. What ever you do, DO NOT PUT WINE IN THE FREEZER! This will shock the wine! Normal frig temperature will do just fine.

Pour some olive oil into the skillet, and let it warm up. Take your chicken and put it in the skillet. You may need to add some more olive oil, I’ll let you be the judge, but I did add more. Now add your mesquite seasonings, fresh cut garlic, course black pepper and red crushed pepper.

As for measuring…lol…well, I don’t. I go by sight. I cover liberally the chicken with the mesquite seasoning, I cut up about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic. So buy a good size one. Cut it up fine too. Don’t get crazy with the red crush pepper but about 3 or 4 good shakes will be fine. Same with the black pepper.

As you are preparing the meal, your date may want to help you…You know, to be nice. Act like you’ve been cooking for long time. Because she’s going to ask if you enjoy cooking…your answer better be a Yes! Pour both of you a glass of wine. Don’t ask her, just pour it. Toast to a wonderful evening ahead.

Now back to the skillet. You’re gonna have to take your eyes off your beauty in order to get the meal to the table.

Toss the chicken with your seasonings around. Get your colors all uniform. You’ll know when it’s done. You be the judge. Overall, I will say about 10 minutes. Now get the salad out and two dinner plates. Don’t use paper plates. It’s all in presentation to impress! Cover your plates generously with the salad spring mix. By this time, your chicken is ready. Top the salad off in the middle with your chicken. You will notice how tender it is. Just falls apart. Sprinkle the Asiago cheese over and around your salad. top the center with a tablespoon size of feta cheese. Feta cheese as a beautiful strong vibrant flavor. I love using it with chicken and seafood. Lightly dress it with the caesar dressing. What ever you do, do not glob it on as if you went to an all-you-can-eat Shoney’s buffet. Act like a chef! Now if you wanted too, you could add a little bacon to this dish as well. All up to you.

Now take your plates to your dining room table. I’m a stickler on this. At the table you will be able to enjoy this beautifully prepared meal you put together yourself. Complimented by a nice Riesling by Chateau Ste Michelle.

The best part? You may forget about the dollar movie and end up enjoying getting to know each other at the table. Dining room tables are magical. It’s where you find out things about another you can’t find out sitting in a dark movie theater. And if you do make it to the living room to watch the dollar movie…

Guess what the best part is? You can talk during the movie without someone behind you kicking your seat or telling you to Ssshhhhh….

If you followed these simple steps, I’m sure you’re headed for a third or fourth date.


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  1. Ann Evanston says:

    Awesome Donald! Smart, resourceful and sounds yummy! Maybe you should hook up with some of the dating guys on Twitter! Might be a great strategic partnership!Ann Evanstonhttp://Warrior-Preneur.comThe Warrior is Within You

  2. Hi Donald,nice post:)I see you have a good taste in wines, i am also an riesling addict…Cheers@vinophil

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