Grilled Chardonnay Chicken Tenderloins


It’s fun to play in the kitchen. Having kids makes it even more of a challenge at times, especially when they are picky eaters.

After getting home from a photoshoot, I was too tired to take the boys out to eat. I decided to cook something quick and simple for them. I had already thawed out some chicken tenderloins from Pilgrims Pride. I’m really not a big chicken eater. I guess I got so burned out on the ‘diet’ concept of chicken I boycotted the bird for many years. So did my kids.

I’ve slowly brought the old bird back into the home. Surprisingly I’m enjoying it. Tonight, I came up with a simple recipe anyone can do, especially on a budget. Take a bowl and put your chicken tenderloins in. Be sure to drain any excess water from the chicken. Splash a liberal amount of Worcestershire sauce (yes as you can tell, I’m a fan of the brown sauce), cut up some fresh garlic. I like alot so don’t be shy! Add some of your favorite seasonings…for me, basil, course black pepper and a dry rub I had picked up a while back. Usually not a fan of them due to high sodium content. As I said before, I was tired, so I wanted to make a quick and simeple meal.

Heat up your grill pan to a medium heat. Once at temperature, spray the pan with a non-fat spray or coat with olive oil. Place your chicken onto the pan. Let it sizzle for a couple of minutes. Now the fun part! I already had a bottle of Sterling Vintners Collection Chardonnay 2007 in the frig. I cook with wine so it’s no surprise to see me splash a bit here and there. Pour your Chardonnay into the pan, coating the bottle of the pan. Do not drown your chicken but enough to feel in the grooves. You will feel your kitchen with a nice aroma…knowing your chicken is gonna be good! I mean, GREAT!

One thing I will always remember and it holds true…Rachel Ray once said, don’t use cheap wine to cook with! Very true! What you like to drink, you cook with! I would shy away from a dry wine, find something more balanced. The Sterling tenderizes the chicken very nicely leaving it moist and tender. I find most chicken at the local grocery store to be rubbery and on the tough side, so I seldom buy chicken. Using a nice chardonnay really tenderizes the chicken beautifully and without all those MSG toxins you can live without!

Turn your chicken and add some of your seasonings to the top side. While the chicken is basking in Chardonnay…let prepare a simple angel hair pasta. As you see in the photo, the chicken is on it’s flipside, the chardonnay has cooked off.

I love angel hair, thinner the better! Thick spaghetti is such a turn-off to me. It’s not pretty and to watch a young child eat it…well, really no difference than hearing an adult splurp up raw oysters at the next table. I’m sorry that is just plain gross!

Boil your water. Cook angel hair for 4 minutes and drain. You should already place a skillet on low heat, add some olive oil…in this case I used garlic olive oil. Place your angel hair into the skillet, add basil, a little black pepper and a pat of butter. Toss it like you know what you’re doing!

Total cook time is about 12 minutes for everything. Add a side salad if your wish or maybe some fresh garlic bread. Oh yeah!

This is a great meal! Balanced protein and carbs. Sits light on your stomach with room for dessert! The kids loved it! They are my toughest critics.

In this fast-paced world we live in…Remember, take time to eat sensibly and most of all, have dinner with your family.

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