Basil/Mushroom Grilled Sirlion


Once in a while, I’ll grill a steak or two. Usually not for me, but for others who enjoy a great cut of red meat. Over the past few years, I’ve cut back on my red meat. Honestly not sure why. I believe it’s because of my love for pasta’s and seafood. Even when I was a kid, I was the one who ordered the fish sandwich from Burger Chef instead of the typical hamburger.

Here is a quick meal that is delicious and easy to prepare. For those who love to grill outdoors but can’t due to foul weather, it’s wintertime or just plain hot…the next best thing is using a grilling pan. I have fell in love with mind and use it every chance I get! This particular pan is made by Calphalon, a non-stick 12″ round grill pan.

For this delicious dish, I heat my grill pan to a medium heat. I cook on electric so this would be a setting of 5. Cooking time will depend on what you like, rare, medium and so forth. I prefer a medium well.

Taking out a 10″ skillet, I heat to a medium heat as well. This pan I am using to saute mushrooms. You’ll have to follow me on this as I’m one of those that doesn’t measure. LOL, don’t you just love those who cook like that? My friends have to stand over me to watch since I do not use measuring spoons. Throw some ingredients in…”Oh, that looks good” or “Needs more”…it’s really the fun way to cook in my book…no pun intended. 🙂

Pour some olive oil in the skillet enough to coat the bottom. I cut up my mushrooms or leave the sliced. Throw in the skillet, splash the mushrooms with Worcestershire sauce. Coat them, don’t be afraid of it. I prefer the dark sauce wrapped in paper. For me it has a better flavor. Next cut up four or 5 cloves of garlic, throw in with the mushrooms to keep them company. Add about a tablespoon of fresh rosemary. Mmm…I can spell it already. Toss those ingredients around a bit. You’ll notice the mushrooms shrinking. I like mine to have a nice dark brown color to them. I turn the heat down to a low simmer.

My grill pan is ready for the sirloins. I prefer to taste the meat instead of really hiding it with a lot of ingredients but I do dress them with a few. I start off with a liberal dusting of garlic powder on both sides. I do not use garlic salt. No need too! Next, course black pepper and chipolte powder. Because I like a nice heat added to the meat, take a butter knife slide it in the chipolte powder and carefully pull it out. I do this so I can ‘tap’ the chipolte across the steaks as evenly as possible. You don’t want to have one side hotter than the other. Plus your friends will think you’re a great cook because they’ve never seen someone do that with a knife before.

I spray the pan with a non-fat spray…not that it really makes a difference but I works for me. Place the steaks on the pan…instant sizzle! The Calphalon pan leaves beautiful grill marks across the meat. As if you had stood out in the hot sun and grilled for your friends. Only you’re not sweating!

Once the sirloins turn a light brown across the top, I flip them over. It’s not going to take much longer as now I’m am just adding some additional grill marks. My mushrooms are ready, while the steaks are still on the grill pan, I dress them with the mushrooms. Cut some fresh basil in strips and top the steaks off! The basil is a very nice touch. Adds a nice sweet flavor to compliment the chipolte seasoning.

For sides that is up to you! A nice baked potato, fresh green beans or even white corn. If you go with a white corn, look for a small kernel. They are sweeter and more tender. All you will need is to add butter and black course pepper…and some fresh garlic.

My wine suggestion is a nice Merlot. You cannot go wrong with a Francis Coppola Merlot (Blue Label Merlot – Our Merlot combines fruit from Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey. The flavors and textures unique to each region harmonize beautifully together to create a wine that has dark, succulent fruit balanced by natural acidity. Intense aromatics of raspberry and blueberry lead to flavors of crushed berries, vanilla, and leather, which are wrapped up in a soft, smooth tannin structure.). It offers a smooth flavor from start to finish. It’s not overly dry and a perfect red wine for those who are not big red wine drinkers.

This meal you can have prepared for two people in about 20 minutes. May take longer because you are enjoying great conversation in the kitchen, toasting to a great evening ahead.

Isn’t that what’s cooking all about? Friends first, Food second.


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  1. Since this is my first official food review I will try to be succinct so here goes.This dish IS FLIPPING FABULOUS! I am now officially addicted to basil on steak – would never have thought of doing that combo and now cannot believe it is not served that way as a standard world-wide! Thanks for the great recipe Donald!

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