Wine Review: Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise 2013

What type of wine are you drinking tonight Mr. Donald? Let me photograph it and I’ll show you. I’m showing you now. Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise 2013 70% Zinfandel 14% Syrah 11% Petite Sirah 5% Gernache A fun wine to drink with friends while outside in the dark around a campfire or fire pit. Just…

Sunday Lunch – Seafood Fair at Home

I enjoy having my sons cook along side me in the kitchen, especially when they are contributing to the meal with one of their own creations! Today my son, Austin and I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things for a late lunch. We arrived back at the house to get…

It's Time to Graduate to Intense Flavors

For those who know me, if it isn’t hot & spicy enough…it’s got to be hotter and spicier. I love bold flavors when it comes to my meal. I treat red crushed pepper flakes like kids want more Lucky Charms marshmallows. Today I bring you four products from Intensity Academy. My friends, it’s time to…

7 Worst Pizzas in America

7 Worst Pizzas in America Sometimes it’s easier to make your own healthy pizza at home…for alot less. Pizzas do not need to be full of bread and especially overly amounts of sodium. Be kind to your heart and arteries.

Fun in the Kitchen – Video Episodes Coming Soon!

Donald Bond & Dr. Ward Bond clowning around in the kitchen! My brother Dr. Ward Bond and I clowning around in the kitchen. We filmed new cooking segments for his television program Nutritional Living. We had a blast in the kitchen and look forward to sharing our segments with you! So stay tuned!